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Published: 29th April 2010
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Friendship is the most important and precious relationship in this world. Other than your family, friends are the ones who are there for you whenever you need them. a true friend is one who is always there when you need them or require their help. Friendship is free of attitudes like; selfishness, betrayal and hatred. This is a relationship without any expectations and limits. A good friend is one who knows the likes and dislikes and the ins and outs of his or her friend without saying anything. You can share your feelings, emotions, worries, success or failure without any doubt with your good friend.

Friendship is built on the notion of mutual understanding between the two individuals, their desire of knowing each other and respecting each others feelings and emotions. A true friendship is one that involves that the two individual feel proud of each others friendship and are willing to help each other without building expectations. You would not want to do anything that you know would make your friend hurt and neither your friend would do such a thing. Friendship grows through time and sometimes it reaches a stage that even if you have not seen your friend for quite a long time, but still you would feel his or her inner desires.

Friendship has no boundaries or limits. You can share many things that you cant share with any one else even your partner or your family. Because friendship is build on trust and one knows that my trust would not be betrayed. There is an informal form of respect among the two friends which is always present. Friends respect each others opinions and views but at the same time have courage to criticize each other if they find any wrong doings of their friends.

Good friends are those, who try to keep their friends out of trouble and problems and if one is facing troubles, his friends would help to get rid of that trouble. Respect your friend's strengths and weaknesses and never take your friends for granted. It is healthy if there is a certain amount of criticism in your friendship because your friend can point out your weaknesses in front of you so that you can overcome those weak points.

Encourage and support your friends so that they would support you when you need them but at the same time, there is a thin line in between you and your friend and of that line is crossed in terms of morals and principles, and then your friendship can be shattered. But it depends on an individual that how he takes his friendship. And a good friendship is one that lasts long and never ends. You would have seen so many beautiful living examples of friendship in your daily life.

Even in good friendships, you would go through some good patches and some very bad patches. You would fight with your friends but these bad times are not long lasting if your friendship is true. True friendship is one that overcomes every bad aspect of the relationship with dignity

Friendship is really a great relationship. The feel of this relationship goes beyond any other relationship in the whole world. Check this site out and find interesting free friendship quotes. You will surely love friendship quotes and quotes of the day at this site.

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